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Timmy Spada Memorial Golf Classic Golf Balls

Timmy Spada Memorial Golf Classic Golf Balls

Buy the official golf ball of the Timmy Spada Memorial Golf Classic!  These are Wilson 50 Elite golf balls with the Timmy Spada Memorial Golf Classic logo printed across one side.


The Wilson 50 Elite features an advanced rubber core and a firmer ionomer cover strike the right balance between distance and feel, giving you the best of both worlds.


Two-piece Construction

Two-piece composition blends a powerful rubber core with a responsive ionomer cover to create a 50-compression ball that generates low spin off the driver with higher spin around the green. Imprinted onto the firm ionomer cover is a 302 dimple pattern to improve aerodynamics and further provide impressive distance as well as control and a soft feel.


Features of the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls:

  • 50-compression golf balls
  • Low driver spin with high greenside spin
  • Great balance between a distance and control ball
  • Innovative rubber core with responsive yet firm ionomer cover
  • 302 dimple pattern
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